Nobi Cha is one of the largest growing Bubble Tea franchises in Southeast Asia. In just 3 years, Nobi Cha has started to expand overseas such as the United States, Cambodia, and Malaysia with over 819 locations. We have over 80 drinks on our menu. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our intention is to let the world try and enjoy the most aromatic teas that we have discovered. We hand-select our teas based on scent, taste, and overall quality. Our raw materials do not contain any trans-fat.

Drinks at Nobi Cha are reasonably cheap and extremely tasty. Our 80 drink menu includes hot, cold, premium, and smoothies starting at $3.50.

Over 80 Flavors

819 Stores

Nationwide Franchise Opportunity

“A boba a day, keeps reality away”

We have over 90 different flavors.

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